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SGCH Paisley Park Kenya 6*MDOB: 5-05-91     Chamoisee w/ white splashes
AA847537     (ADGA Genetics Link)

1998 Reserve National Champion

Sire: ++*B Shahena'ko Sumo Tierro
     SS: ++*B Shahena'ko W Sumo
     SD: GCH Shahena'ko S Tierra 3*M

Dam: GCH Shahena'ko Sasin Katrina 5*M
     DS: ++*B Sodium Oaks Sasin
     DD: Amphora Magic Trina 4*M

3-01 EX 91 VEEE
8-02 EX 92 EEEE


2000 Dairy HerdDHIR:
1-00 256 1670 58 56
1-10 305 2650 107 86
        340 2800 115 92
2-11 282 3010 133 99
3-11 305 2610 104 83
5-01 250 2280 97 80
5-11 305 2970 106 91
7-00 267 1980 76 3.8% 63 3.2%
7-11 305 2630 98 3.7% 83 3.2%
8-10 219 1880 71 55

PTAM -45 PTAF +4.8 +0.27%
Lifetime: 2561d, 21,950m, 863f, 705p

'93 Nat'l- 1st 2-yr-old & Reserve Best Udder
'94 Nat'l- 1st 3-yr-old
'96 Nat'l- 1st 5-yr-old
'97 Nat'l- 4th Aged Doe & Reserve Best Udder
     1st Senior Get of Sire, 2nd Best Three Females, 2nd Place Dairy Herd
'98 Nat'l - Reserve Grand Champion & Reserve Best Udder
'98 Alpines International - All-American Aged Doe
2000 Nat'l - 4th 7-yr-old & over
     2nd Dairy Herd pictured above right (L to R: GCH Kalahari, GCH Kenya, GCH Karma, GCH Darlene)
     2nd Best Three Females, 2nd Dam & Daughter w/ Kalahari
     Lifetime Milk and Fat Production Awards

Kenya has been Reserve National Champion ('98), Reserve Best Udder twice ('93 & '98) and won her class as a milker at the National three times. Her daughter GCH Kalahari was 3rd Milking Yearling with 2nd Udder at the '98 National, and 1998 All-American Milking Yearling, and may be even better than her dam. Kenya sons are working various herds across the country, with several of them at commercial dairies.. She is the dam of the top selling consignment at the '99 Spotlight Sale, *B Walnut Fork G.E. Kundun, who sold for $5,500 to the Moores of Texas. At the '00 National Kenya brought home both the High Lifetime Milk and Fat Production Awards. We continue to be pleased with reports of Kenya’s sons, most notably recently +*B Walnut Fork Khartoum who is doing a great job at Shari Reyna’s in Oregon. Kenya passed away in 2005.

Kenya had such a profound influence on our herd that today every one of our Alpines traces back to her or her littermate, SG Paisley Park T. Kaiya. A five-generation maternal line of LA Excellent Walnut Fork/Paisley Park does starts with Kenya. On a forage diet of little alfalfa and lots of pasture and local hay she produced a high lifetime record of high-component milk which has been transmitted to the herd that averages 4% fat and 3% protein on Standard DHIR. Her calm and responsive nature made her a joy to show and travel and work with. She never had metabolic issues or mastitis. With her wide and level rump, correct shoulder assembly and front end, tightly attached mammary system and grace elegance, she had her share of success in the show ring and on appraisal day. But, to us, most important are the generations of progeny she leaves behind in our herd and others.

Kenya daughter:
SGCH Walnut Fork Urban Kalahari 7*M
9-11 EX 92 EEEE
3-08 273 2710 111 (4.3) 86 (3.2)
'98 National 3rd Milking Yearling/2nd Udder
All-American Milking Yearling
'00 National 3rd 3-yr-old/3rd Udder

Kalahari is the dam of:
GCH Walnut Fork S Kalamata 8*M 8-3 EX 91
Walnut Fork GE Kampala 8*M 6-3 EX 92
Walnut Fork GE Kigali 8*M 4-2 EX 90
Walnut Fork GE Kumquat 8*M 2-4 VG 88
Walnut Fork Sedric Key Largo 8*M 3-02 EX 90
SG+*B Walnut Fork Sun Kenyan 3-4 VG 88

Kalahari is the grand dam of:
GCH Walnut Fork Sam Kira 9*M 6-04 EX 92
GCH Walnut Fork Passive Aggression 9*M
6-05 EX 91
Walnut Fork GE Kalamity 9*M 3-3 EX 91

Kalahari is the great grand dam of:
Walnut Fork Distracted Issues 10*M 3-04 EX 91
Kenya son:
+*B Walnut Fork GE Kundun EX 90
1999 Spotlight Sale high seller $5,500
owned by the Moores, Texas
9 dau avg 86.3

Kundun sired:
Walnut Fork Kundun Kona 8*M EX 92
CH Moores Meadows Kunduns Karess EX 92
CH Moores Meadows Kunduns Collette VG 88
Collette is on the cover of UCN Nov '05
5th place as a Milker at the National
Kenya daughter:
GCH Walnut Fork Urban Karma 7*M
8-03 EX 93 (EEEE)
2-10 305 2700 115 (4.3) 87 (3.2)

Karma is the dam of:
Walnut Fork Kundun Kona 8*M 7-05 EX 92
SGCH Walnut Fork D. Kimchee 8*M 6-04 EX 92
     2008 National Show Best Udder @ 7 years old
Kenya son:
SG++*B Walnut Fork XE Khartoum EX 91EEE
see UCN 12/07, 1/06, 8/05
owned by Shari Reyna, Oregon
48 daughters average LA 87
2 dau EX92
3 dau EX91
7 dau EX90
PTI 2:1 122, 1:2 210
ETA 2:1 19, 1:2 44

Khartoum sired:
1GCH daughter Promenade EX 92
owned by Helen Reasoner, OR St. Fr. GCH
1 Top Ten Doe Asmara EX 91
owned by Carol Murphy
3 EX 91 progeny and 7 EX 90 progeny
Kenya was also the dam of:
SG++*B Walnut Fork Urban Kobos EX 91 (6 daughter average LA 85.7)
SG Walnut Fork Kahlua 7*M
SGCH+*B Walnut Fork Katalyst (4 daughter average LA 87.5)
SG+*B Walnut Fork Kenyatta (2 daughter average LA 87.5)

Every one of Kenya's sons with proof is plus for components.


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